Vaccinations for Adults & Elderly

Vaccinations for Adults & Elderly

Your age doesn't guarantee immunity, vaccinations do!

It is a misconception that vaccinations are only important for children. The primary aim of vaccinations is to develop immunity to certain diseases. There are several vaccinations that are recommended during infancy or childhood. In case these vaccinations are not done in childhood, these must be administered in adulthood. Also, adults may become more prone to certain diseases with age due to weak immunity or because of chronic health problems such as cancer or lung/ heart/ kidney/ liver disease. Hence, one must get the right vaccination at the right time to avoid any serious health damage. To enquire more about vaccinations for adults and senior citizens in Delhi, please feel free to get in touch with us at

Vaccines prevent serious diseases, sickness & disability! Get Vaccinated!!

Many diseases require routine immunization in ADULTHOOD to prevent their occurrence. Dr. Promilla Butani urges all adults to step up and get their vaccinations done timely.

Here is a list of such vaccinations:

  • PNEUMOCOCCAL VACCINE (The Pneumonia Vaccine) given in two doses 6-12 months apart is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THE ELDERLY or patients with lung, heart, kidney, liver disease, or diabetes. Also recommended for immunocompromised individuals post organ transplant or cancer.
  • HEPATITIS B VACCINE given in three doses if not already vaccinated in infancy or childhood to prevent blood-borne jaundice.
  • TETANUS, DIPHTHERIA A booster dose is needed every 5 to 10 years.
  • VARICELLA/ CHICKENPOX VACCINE given in two doses six months apart to individuals who have not had chickenpox or who have not received the vaccine in infancy or childhood.
  • TYPHOID VACCINE is to be given in two doses two to three years apart to prevent Typhoid/ Enteric fever.
  • HEPATITIS A VACCINE is given in two doses six months apart to prevent water borne jaundice.
  • MENINGOCOCCAL VACCINE is given as single or two doses to prevent meningitis caused by meningococcus.
  • HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS VACCINE given in two or three doses to girls/ women from 11 years onwards.
  • HERPES ZOSTER/ SHINGLES VACCINE recommended as a single dose for people 50 years or older.

So, please get all your vaccinations done timely by your physician. To avail of any of the above mentioned vaccinations for adults in Delhi please feel free to consult Dr. Promilla Butani, a senior doctor with over 4 decades of experience.