New Born Child Care

3 Things to do when your child is born

It is no less than a miracle whenever a new baby is born in a family. And as parents, you have the luck and that amazing feeling of pride that comes alongside the great responsibility of making the child be the best the society has ever witnessed.

Never forget these three things that will be the basis for the best start to the beautiful relationship you will hold with your child.

1. Create a bond with the kid

Never forget, the first and foremost thing you should be aware of is the fact that the instinctual bond that gets developed between you and your child is a great start to your relationship with the kid. A maternal bond is a completely natural process and is not just exclusive to human beings. The wonderful feeling of love that is felt for the kid along with protectiveness is something that cannot be described in words. The process is either instant or it takes several months for mothers to sometimes build this bond with their kids. It is a process and an amazing eventual feeling that can only be felt when you give birth and be lucky to witness it by your own self as a mother.

2. See your baby cry

Immediately when the baby is born, the doctors generally rush to care for you and your child in order to make sure you and the baby are healthy. It is a cause of big worry if the baby doesn’t cry at the time of birth. The primary rule is to make sure that you shouldn’t panic in a situation like this. Taking care of a new born is sometimes very complicated and often requires a lot of different medical procedures to ensure that the baby is healthy.

3. Hug your kid

New Born childcare is an extremely complicated affair and the reward is that you have been preparing for it for over nine months till the child is born. As soon as the child is born, it’s time to take the preparation and turn it into action. Hold your child, hug the child and regulate his/her body temperature as the child witnesses the real world.

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