More Things Wrought By Prayer – Dr Promilla Butani’s Pediatric Journey

Summer of 1972 – I, a house surgeon in the pediatric ward of Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, on a twenty four hour duty. It was the night before our emergency day – So the ward was relatively quiet – as most beds had been vacant in anticipation of the heavy rush of admission, the next day. There was just one acutely sick child in the ward with broncho pneumonia who was battling for life. He suddenly took a turn for the worse and died despite all resuscitative efforts. One heavy emergency days – there was no time to think about the dead leave aside console the family or mourn or grieve. Death was common place occurring and turnover was so quick that before one could even think there was another sick infant there.

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All you need to know about Tonsils

Most of us know Tonsils as a throat disease. While, actually Tonsils are a part of our mouth at the back of our throat on both left and right side. Tonsils fight germs to prevent infection and keep your body healthy. But, when these tonsils catch infection from some bacteria or virus it causes ‘Tonsillitis’. So, here is a guide to deal with your kid’s Tonsillitis by Dr. Promilla Butani, a child care specialist in South Delhi. Continue reading “All you need to know about Tonsils”