Teenage Counselling: Channelising The Volcanoes within

Children, adolescents, and teens, develop various social skills to ensure their survival and gain emotional intelligence as they grow older.
A stable development leads to a healthy and happy life. Any kind of imbalance in the development process might lead to disequilibrium and result in distorted behaviour pattern in kids. In order to connect with the teens, one must understand their mindset and learn more about their mental health to find out how to help and talk to them. One must interact carefully with the child and deal with their problems delicately. If needed, parents should not hesitate in consulting a therapist as he/she is trained to help you deal with critical issues in a well-constructed manner.

Why Counselling?
Therapy is a safe and constructive space for kids to process their thoughts and emotions which they have inhibited. Teenagers are irresistibly fascinated to explore the unknown, are over energetic and want total control over their life. Teen years are the foundation of a child’s future self (adulthood). The teens are usually aggressive in their approach and are quite impulsive in nature. This might derail them from a righteous path. Counselling and therapy sessions under the supervision of the experts might help restore equilibrium in their lives.

Parents of teenagers are usually worried about the constant mood swings and changes in the behavioural pattern of their child. Unusual and unjustified emotional turmoil and confusion are common in teen years. Peer pressure, academic stress, hormonal changes, and other situations might leave them overwhelmed. This results in confusion, thus, stress and then it becomes a pattern if left unattended.

The Right Approach
Teenage counselling can take many forms. All teenagers with issues desire to be heard without any kind of pressure and judgment. They want others to relate to them but not over-match. Parents and guardians must relate to their experiences but never should over-identify. Some issues might be the result of deeply embedded emotions that are not visible on the surface level. Counselling for them can happen in a very structured form and can involve the use of verified tests in order to find the root cause of the problem.

Teenagers are high in spirit, have their creative juices flowing and are energetic enough to move mountains. Teen years are very critical years of one’s life and must be staged in a productive manner. Counselling is one act to ensure a child’s capability and build a better foundation. Nonetheless, parents must master the art of flipping roles between being a guide and being a friend to their children. You don’t always have to be harsh to them. They must confide in you and that can only happen when you as parents cultivate a friendly relationship with your children.

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