Tips for Baby Care


Bathing the baby 

1. Bathing should be a happy experience for the baby.
2. Bathe once a day or may be twice a day depending on the weather.
– When it’s really hot with temperatures in the 40℃, a dunk in the water twice a day is a good idea.
– Do warm up the room/ bathroom half an hour before bathing in cold weather.
3. Time of the day for a bath
– In winter it is good to bathe in the forenoon i.e. between 11 a.m. to 12 noon, when the day gets warm.
– One can also bathe at night, before putting the baby to bed. But bathe in a warm environment to prevent a chill/ hypotherma.
4. Temperature of water to be used should be neither too hot nor too cold, just comfortable for the baby.

Talcum Powder 

Bad idea !!

– No talcum powder of any make.
– It blocks the pores and may cause allergies.

Kajal/ Surma

Bad idea!!

– No kajal or surma to be used in a child.
– It doesn’t improve vision. Known to cause eye infections and conjunctivitis!!

Black threads, Bangles 

– No black threads around wrists, neck or groin please!
– Have them around the ankles if you so desire.
– No bangles etc. as the sharp edges can injure/ hurt the baby.

Oil massage 

Good idea !!

1. Use any oil of your choice- coconut, olive, desi ghee, mustard, til oil- provided it suits the baby’s skin- or an oil used in your state/ region.
2. A gentle massage in whichever direction by the mother/ grandmother/ father etc. with gentle loving care.
3. Don’t express milk from the babies breast or press or squeeze.
4. Baby oils don’t strengthen bones.
5. They relax the baby, cause a loving bond with the baby.
6. It doesn’t matter whether you gently massage before a bath, after a bath or without having to give a bath.
7. Massage with lighter oils in summers.

Blocked nose in a Baby 

1. Babies often have blocked nose even without a cold.
2. Use saline nose drops- one to two drops in each nostril 5-10 minutes before a feed or in case of a blocked nose.
3. One can also use nasal mucous extractors if required.
4. Make the baby sleep a little propped up.

Clipping the nails

Do clip the nails with a small scissor or nail clipper, because dirty nails may lead to infection and long nails can cause scratches on the face!

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