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Better Approach Towards Parenting

Every parent wants their child to live a happy and healthy life and for that, they take every possible measure to ensure their safety and wellness. But sometimes, good parenting with too many restrictions can become distressful for your child. Children cannot grow until they come out of their comfort zone and hence, it is required that they are given their space to develop and nurture into a strong individual mentally. Thus, it has become important to give your child some privacy and space that motivates them to experience life on their own.

Here are some of the approaches which you might follow to respect your child’s privacy-

1. Allow solo time for your child: As children start to reach adolescent age, they start to separate from their parents as it is a natural part of growing up. Parents do feel uncomfortable to leave their child alone, but solo time provides your child with a variety of learning opportunities as he/she can explore his/her surroundings at his own pace, become self-reliant, and learn from his mistakes. This will boost a sense of confidence in your child.

2. Encourage your child to be socially active: It is difficult to let your child slide away from your vision for a long time but restricting your child to not make friends just to ensure his safety would affect his communication skills. He would find really hard to interact once he grows up with age as a child left alone in his childhood have a drastic impact on his mental health.

3. Do not ask too many questions: Being cautious and aware of your children’s activities is fine but asking them too many questions would create more distance between you and your child. The naturalness of the conversation ends with a bombard of questions towards your child.

4. Give them their personal space: When your child starts to develop form adolescent to teens, provide him/her a separate space. Do not overlook your child’s journal or dig into their friendly conversation if they invite over their friends.

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