Teenage Counselling: Channelising The Volcanoes within

Children, adolescents, and teens, develop various social skills to ensure their survival and gain emotional intelligence as they grow older.
A stable development leads to a healthy and happy life. Any kind of imbalance in the development process might lead to disequilibrium and result in distorted behaviour pattern in kids. In order to connect with the teens, one must understand their mindset and learn more about their mental health to find out how to help and talk to them. One must interact carefully with the child and deal with their problems delicately. If needed, parents should not hesitate in consulting a therapist as he/she is trained to help you deal with critical issues in a well-constructed manner. Continue reading “Teenage Counselling: Channelising The Volcanoes within”

Role of Pediatricians in the Physical and Mental Development of Children

Developing a child with good habits and new learnings every day is one of the toughest jobs for the parents. Child development entails the physical, mental, emotional and other development changes that begin at birth & end at the age of adolescence. Parents often seek help from a child specialist doctor to learn about the tips and tricks for the right upbringing. Physical & mental development of children is important for their growth in the society and among their peers. Although every child is unique, development occurs in a predictable sequence. Continue reading “Role of Pediatricians in the Physical and Mental Development of Children”

Last Month of Pregnancy – Tips for Moms to be

From the very first day when you get to know that you are pregnant to the time of delivering of the baby can be both tough and exciting. Motherhood is the most beautiful moment for every woman and it comes with a bag full of responsibilities. The new mothers may feel overwhelmed and holding the baby becomes nearly irresistible. You believe it or not pregnancy is a special experience which grills you in a good manner and helps you to prepare yourself for the new phase of your life. Continue reading “Last Month of Pregnancy – Tips for Moms to be”

Ensure a Healthy & Playful Monsoon for your Kids

Monsoon season has arrived!
Though the rain is finally ending the scorching heat along with it the risk of getting sick arises for the kids as well as the adults. Especially in the case of kids, special attention is required. a lot needs to be taken care of while ensuring that your child does not fall sick. Humidity, flooded roads, mosquitoes, diseases, dirty and unhygienic environments can be the reasons for bad health. Continue reading “Ensure a Healthy & Playful Monsoon for your Kids”

Fun learning activities every parent must do with their kids

Kids and their energies are too agile to handle. Parents are the pillars of strength and motivation for kids. If they cry, they look up to parents, if they laugh, they look up to parents. The quality time which you spend with your kids is going to shape their future. But, the way you invest and spend your time with them is going to make a mark in your kids’ life. Research also supports the fact that engaging time spent with your kid is very important for an overall development of the child. Continue reading “Fun learning activities every parent must do with their kids”

Safety is as simple as ABC – Always Be Careful!

As a parent you would want to be available for your child at all times, however, this can not always be possible. There might be a few places where your child is alone such as parks, schools, playgrounds and sometimes even at home. It is ideal to let your child take care of a few things on his/her own at an early age in order to help them grow into a more responsible adult. All you need to do is to teach them some basic rules of safety to ensure their well being when you are not around. Continue reading “Safety is as simple as ABC – Always Be Careful!”

Common Health Problems in Kids – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

A Child’s health is the moral responsibility of every parent. Common health issues are part of the life of the growing kids as compared to adults. Health problems incorporate various infections in the body and which stops the child’s growth and development. Parents get worried even if their child is suffering from a mild illness such as a cough, cold, allergies, infections, fever, vomiting, and dehydration. Most of them prefer self-medication instead to going to consult a pediatrician. Continue reading “Common Health Problems in Kids – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments”

Summer Health Tips for Kids

SUMMER is here!
NO Sweaters and Blankets
No more NO to play outside..

Summer season is a favourite time for all the kids to enjoy the activities outside and playing all around with their smiles on but when they do come back from existing high humidity levels and with sweat over the body exhausting the kids and lowering the level of their energy. Kids prefers to play in summer afternoon and evenings because they used to receive long vacations from their studies and classroom activities. Continue reading “Summer Health Tips for Kids”