Preventive Child Healthcare

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Preventive Child Healthcare

What is preventive child health care?

Medical practitioners always believe that being healthy is important. It is better than finding a cure after becoming ill. Preventive care is provided by the child doctor to healthy children for their well-being. It can be different for every child based on their age, gender, and medical history. In a pediatric setting, preventive health care of child comprises of following three things-

  • Frequent visits to a general pediatrician to check the overall growth and development of the child.
  • Regular appointments with the pediatrician to help identify and prevent serious illnesses. This includes all the screenings and tests ordered by a doctor even if the child is not having any signs and symptoms.
  • Getting the child immunized at the right time by the vaccines recommended for their age.
  • Parents are well-acquainted with the basics of their child’s health, growth, and development. They should be an active participant in the child’s healthcare.

What preventive care services and screenings are provided for young kids?

One can avail of the following preventive child care services and screenings at Dr. Promilla Butani’s Pediatric Practice:

  • Well baby visits (a healthcare screening for newborns)
  • Vaccinations to reduce the risk of acquiring serious illnesses
  • Counseling the parents for the safety of the child at home and outside

Besides these, there are several other screenings for kids ordered by child specialists in hospitals such as developmental screenings (in children below age 3) such as for diagnosing autism (in the age group of 18 to 24 months), screening for jaundice in newborns, obesity screening, cancer screening, child abuse screening, testing of kid’s vision and hearing, routine blood tests (to diagnose infections), assessments of alcohol, drug, and tobacco use (for teenagers).

A pediatrician can also provide nutrition-related advice to maintain overall health and body mass index.

How can parents help their children to stay healthy?

A visit to the pediatrician is not only necessary when the child is ill but also to keep up with the child’s health through certain preventive measures. In preventive care, the parent’s role is equally important. At each regular appointment with a doctor, the parents are often questioned about their child's growth. Based on what the parents tell about the child, the medical practitioner can guide the parents at each developmental stage for keeping the child safe and healthy. Some of the tips given by pediatricians to parents are:

  • Baby-proofing of home.
  • Ensure that baby is having the required nutrients.
  • Avoid exposure of babies and young children to passive smoking.
  • Use safety helmets and belts while driving with a baby to prevent accidental injuries.
  • Protection from sun exposure.
  • The child’s hygiene is maintained with the use of only baby-customized care products.